The platform centralizes all translation and content validation tasks. It manages all of your multilingual publications and can be customized to fit your teams’ preferred workflow. It allows you to define parameters for task management and quality control. Automated alerts ensure that you are able to constantly monitor every stage of a project. Customizable dashboards provide visibility into all ongoing project tasks. There is also real-time access to secure, up-to-date linguistic assets such as translation memories and term bases. These linguistic assets are available for all languages and are continually improved as a project progresses. This data sharing leads to both increased productivity and cost savings.

There are multiple benefits to using our platform. These include:


  • Existing APIs connect to leading document management systems. These exist for online connections (Drupal, WordPress and more) as well as print options (Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft OneDrive and others).
  • Direct connections to other enterprise systems such as CMSs, marketing and sales software, FTP/SFTP sites and directories/files are easy to manage.
  • Custom connectors can be developed upon request and it only takes two days on average to create connectors for Open Standard applications.

Efficient Collaboration

  • Collaborative features include change tracking, version comparison, the ability to add comments, and chat tools.
  • The versioning function within the platform records changes made by any project team member. It displays the source text and any modifications made to the translation. Users can also display changes in the platform’s editor and show track changes.

Improved Quality

  • Automated versioning and updates take place without having to manually manipulate files.
  • Your linguistic assets (style guides, glossaries, translation memories) are always up-to-date, validated and accessible in real time.
  • Quality control tasks are made more efficient through automated quality checks.

Automation and Increased Productivity

  • Your translations and linguistic assets are centrally managed and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Support is available from our regional offices in Europe, Asia and the Americas.
  • The platform’s ability to highlight content that has been previously translated and validated increases productivity.
  • Workflows can be customized and adapted to your organization’s specific needs.

Direct and Indirect Cost Reduction

  • Being able to share validated translation memories between various project stakeholders and vendors generates additional savings.

Confidential and Secure

  • Security is strengthened with secure levels of access and simplified rights management.
  • Confidentiality is key: each client has their own terminology and linguistic database and under no circumstance does Word Class share one client’s data with another, as detailed in our General Terms and Conditions.
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