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Your very own machine translation portal, powered by your linguistic database and adapted to your workflow

Our corporate portal is a secure, user-friendly machine translation (MT) solution. With its unlimited use, this independently managed solution is the best option for clients seeking to custom-design MT models based on their own terminology.

Still want to post-edit in-house? Choosing Word Class means choosing personalized support, with solutions centered on your every priority.

  • Select your data and platform.
  • Customize your engines by language, topic and sub-topic.
  • Train and assess your engines.
  • Post-edit content.

This cross-functional solution includes:

  • Development and deployment of your custom-built MT solution (design, hosting, support) to securely adapt content for various target audiences.
  • Secure connection to your internal resources using plug-ins and application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Creation and integration of linguistic assets (glossaries, TMs).
  • Scrubbing and automatic anonymization of your corporate data.
  • Selection and training of large language model (LLM) engines (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, ModernMT, etc.) with your corporate data.
  • Integration with mainstream CAT tools (Phrase, SmartCat, memoQ, Smartling, etc.).
  • Human and machine assessments of results and model improvements.
  • Application integration to post-edit content.
  • Content corrections by our specialist team of post-editors.

Solution benefits

  • Bespoke service including design, deployment, integration and support.
  • Personalized portal to mirror your brand.
  • 24/7 uptime for all users.
  • User-friendly: users can upload, translate and send for review in just three clicks.
  • Simple, automated portal to enable translation while cutting costs.
  • AI-driven models trained on your data, ensuring 100% accuracy and multilingual consistency.
  • Data security guaranteed by a secure authentication system, encryption and data hosting on your servers.
  • On-demand service to send content for post-editing.