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Promoting a worldwide network of accredited interpreters and close coordination to ensure smooth and successful events

Word Class taps into its network of accredited interpreters with the requisite specialist training. Our teams uphold the most exacting professional standards, always keeping information strictly confidential. Whatever the event or showcase, our interpreters go the extra mile to make the occasion unforgettable. Applicable professional meetings include:

  • Medical conferences.
  • Seminars, colloquia, symposia.
  • Financial presentations, road shows, annual shareholder meetings.
  • Training sessions.
  • Factory tours.
  • Business negotiations and introductions.
  • In-house meetings.

Interpreting is synonymous with sound technical expertise, closely coordinated teamwork and meticulous preparation. Together, we identify your needs for simultaneous (real-time interpreting by interpreters working in booths) and consecutive interpretation (interpreting at regular intervals, when the speaker pauses, during smaller group meetings).

To provide you with a turnkey solution to address your every need, we form teams of interpreters spearheaded by a chief interpreter who will coordinate roles and responsibilities, check that the equipment functions properly, and ensure that logistics run smoothly with a view to conducting a seamless assignment. We also supply ISO-certified interpreting facilities (mobile booths, receivers and microphones) for your special event. Lastly, we assign a dedicated project manager who is available round-the-clock throughout your mission, from needs identification through to successful completion.

Your events, our solutions

  • Event planning, on-site logistics.
  • Team recruitment and coordination.
  • ISO-certified interpreting equipment rentals: portable booths, receivers and microphones.
  • First-hand technical support.
  • At-location equipment testing and rehearsals.
  • Audio and video transcriptions.
  • Speech recordings.

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)

Word Class is a proven industry leader in orchestrating events, backed by interpreters with a proven track record in remote interpretation and videoconferencing. To avoid costly travel or when room is lacking for soundproofed booths, remote simultaneous interpretation is the preferred option for short assignments (one to four hours), featuring a limited number of languages and participants. Calling on the prowess of our proficient interpreters and our unrivaled responsiveness, we perform assignments in little to no time!

Turnkey simultaneous interpreting, catering to remote and hybrid events

  • Technical planning assistance (configuring simultaneous interpreting platforms, videoconferences and interpreting channels).
  • One-to-one training and custom-designed organization of dry runs with your team and our interpreters.
  • Trial runs with linguists and equipment (sound, audio and video checks).
  • Automated live subtitling, powered by AI.