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Implementing comprehensive media and audiovisual localization solutions, designed for all digital formats

Word Class runs an all-in-one media localization platform.

E-learning localization:

Propelled by our global reach and local expertise, you will take your locally adapted training content to the next level, increasing both employee engagement and return on investment (ROI). Enhance your digital learning experience and boost your team's engagement thanks to our all-in-one localization platform which boasts:

  • Meticulous project management.
  • Fully localized e-learning content produced in your authoring tools (Articulate Storyline, Rise 360, Evolve, Genially, Easygenerator, etc.).
  • Creative media design, tailored to each local market.
  • Specialized voice-over and audio.
  • Comprehensive video editing and post-production services (Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, PlayPlay, Powtoon, etc.).
  • Customized branding and visual identity.
  • Linguistic and functional testing.
  • Multilingual publication, intended for all digital devices.

Video localization

Increasingly popular among companies worldwide, video represents an impactful, personalized format, often used to champion a brand. Translating your videos serves to optimize the value of your content by expanding your global reach.


Subtitling consists of adapting audiovisual content for a local target market. Restrictions in character numbers, timecodes and reading speed require a specific translation process which breaks down as follows:

  • Extraction: extracting the translatable transcript from the soundtrack.
  • Detection: detecting start and end timecodes for subtitle soundtrack synchronization and camera angle changes.
  • Transcoding: adapting the translated subtitles to the transcript and timecodes.
  • Simulation: verifying the subtitle display in synchronization with soundtrack and camera angle(s).
  • Fine-tuning: implementing corrections and adjustments.

To achieve subtitling, Word Class conducts an end-to-end process, deploying several technical subtitling platforms designed with all languages in mind. The latter integrate subtitles in any video format (.mp4, .avi, .mov, etc.) across all standards, including Internet use. No matter the project, Word Class ensures a laser focus on two top priorities: translation quality and legibility.

Voice-over and dubbing

Word Class draws on the extensive experience of its talented translators and voice artists who specialize in voice-over and dubbing. Once original dialogue is re-recorded in new languages (dubbing), artists are hand-picked by a reputable team of creatives who oversee casting, before directing studio actors. Located across the globe, our recording studios and editing suites provide access to a host of voice artists in many target languages. Simply put, you will be spoilt for choice selecting from our readily available back catalog of men and women vocal samples! What’s more, recordings are made using state-of-the art equipment and supervised by a professional sound engineer. This premiumized service works to maximize the value of your final product while elevating the overall viewer experience.