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Locally adapted content, personalized user experience, enhanced global impact

When it comes to localizing your website content – whether a company, government or e-commerce website, a product catalog, a portal or proprietary social media – we strive to cultivate a consistent brand image that resonates with your target audience. Our expert teams fine-tune your website design, content and messaging in an effort to maximize your localization impact. This ensures a personalized user experience (UX) from start to finish for every single customer, in all corners of the world.

As you localize your website, we are on hand to provide tailored support. Working in tandem with your team, our consultants conduct an in-depth analysis, focusing on numerous criteria (organizational structure, website, content campaigns and strategy, target audience, search engine optimization (SEO) and KPIs. The process is simple; you tell us your goals and timeframe; we kick-start your meetings with project stakeholders across the board!

Your benefits, our solutions:

  1. Utilizing native plug-ins and REST APIs: our translation ecosystem is the perfect fit for your content, designed for content management system (CMS) and e-commerce platforms as well as product information management (PIM) tools.
  2. Our tireless teams perfect real-time glossaries, style guides and translation memories to reflect the nuances of your company’s language.
  3. Collaborative SaaS mode: to achieve consistency between publications, we consolidate, validate and share terminology online with all contributors.
  4. Proven track record in localization: choosing Word Class means no detail goes unnoticed whether in the back office (currencies, dates, addresses) or via metadata (page descriptions, questionnaires, testimonials).
  5. We oversee flawless integration and pinpoint precision display of your content, since our CAT tools are multi-purpose compatible, with all file formats, including HTML, XML and XHTML.
  6. Leveraging our DTP expertise, we localize all digital assets, whether pictures, graphics or multimedia files, while our audiovisual studios are tasked with audio and video dubbing and subtitling.
  7. We run a test server to conduct stringent linguistic and functional checks of your newly-localized website. Parallel to this, our linguists forensically analyze the translated content’s suitability for the intended market(s).

Combining a human touch with next-generation technologies, we streamline your processes and save you precious time. Say goodbye to manual reintegration of content via back offices!

CMS connectors and plug-ins

We develop and configure plug-ins and APIs to connect your CMS with both our platforms and linguists. By harnessing the power of these connectors, your content is sent for translation at the click of a mouse. The localized pages are then reintegrated into your CMS platform – whether proprietary or open source. Relevant platforms include Drupal, eZ Publish, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, TYPO3 and WordPress. This automated workflow not only enables translation on the fly but also expedited tracking of resources and progress, making it the perfect solution for websites that are frequently updated with extensive streams of content.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • SEO: we conduct key word analyses to optimize search engine site indexing, crafting the most engaging translations on a search volume basis.
  • Metadata: we optimize your metadata (page titles, meta-descriptions) with a carefully selected list of key words.
  • Content: we optimize content by strategically positioning translated key words.

Functional testing

We test content display on multiple devices including smartphones and tablets, to deliver a best-in-class digital user experience (UX). Our tools simulate the display of a responsive design website on mobile screens ensuring interfaces have optimal legibility and usability and the correct screen configuration without the need to zoom. Our quality assurance guarantees:

  • Fully legible text.
  • Button and link spacing, for easy touch access.
  • Appropriately formatted media.
  • Correct form layout.